Every single football from SELECT is based on the revolution from 1962, where our founder, Eigil Nielsen, invented a ball made of 32 panels. The overriding desire was to create the most reliable ball with the most predictable, straight flight and a bounce neither too high nor too low. ​​​​​​​

It was impossible to make a perfectly round ball with just 18 panels, which was the standard construction of a ball in the past. With the 32 panels - 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons - SELECT succeeded in creating the roundest ball ever seen. Later, a group of American scientists won the Nobel Prize for discovering that the molecules of carbon with a special irradiation organize themselves as a complete round ball - something Eigil Nielsen had already discovered and realized in his football with 32 panels, why the reinvention was named “the football molecule”.

A ball with optimum roundness is essential to obtain reliable aerodynamic - a straight flight and a controlled bounce. Our finest football, BRILLANT SUPER TB, has just been thoroughly tested in a wind tunnel at the Institute of Health & Sports Science at the University in Tsukuba, Japan. The results show that BRILLANT SUPER TB has a better aerodynamic than other top balls in the market. The ball’s classic construction with 32 panels means that the ball meets resistance at a later point in its trajectory through the air, thus retaining a steady, high speed over a longer period of time. This provides a stable and more predictable flight – highly valued by all football players.

All of our balls today are still based on Eigil Nielsen’s original invention of the 32 panel ball construction, as we never compromise on quality, playability or durability.


A football with optimum roundness is essential to obtain reliable aerodynamics and superior playability. Hidden behind the elegant exterior of the footballs in our Pro and Club Series is a specially developed Zero-Wing bladder made of high performance natural latex. The Zero-Wing concept ensures a perfectly round and balanced ball, always maintaining its shape through impact, resulting in a straight flight and a controlled bounce.

As SELECT footballs have a perfect and stable flight, the trajectory of the ball is easier to estimate correctly - the player´s skills determine where the ball goes – not the ball’s unpredictable flight.