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If you have ever tried to play handball, you know why resin plays a crucial role in the quality of your game. Resin ensures an exceptionally good grip on the ball - and in handball with high tempo and intensity, it is the tiny details that make all the difference. Do you catch the ball or does it brush your hand instead and go for a throw-in? Missing out on a perfect shot to the line because the ball slips out of your hands? In the decisive moments of the handball match, resin can play a huge role in success or failure. Technique, understanding of the game and physics are up to you, but with resin you get help to secure your grip on the ball, make your throws more precise and do delicious tricks such as screwballs and dribbles.


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At SELECT, we have extensive experience with resin products - both resin and cleaning products to remove resin from balls, floors, and clothing.
It can be a big change to start playing with resin. You need to learn how to apply resin in the right amount, so you don't apply too much to your hands or the ball.
Excessive resin can make your hands sore and the ball excessively sticky, so take it slowly and experiment if you're a beginner in resin use.


SELECT offers several different types of resin that enhance ball control and boost your technique when playing handball.
Find your favorite among our resin products. Choose between the standard wax form or our resin in spray form.

Resin remover

No matter how crucial and indispensable resin is for your game, it can also be a great annoyance when it needs to be removed. It can be highly irritating and time-consuming to remove resin from fingers, clothes, and the ball afterwards.

We recommend that you remove the resin from your hands as soon as possible after handball training or a match. Unfortunately, water alone doesn't do the trick. Therefore, use Resin Remover, which gently removes the resin with just a few drops. Resin Remover is also available in liquid form: Resin Remover - liquid.

It's not only your hands that need resin removal. You also need to take care of your ball. It's a good investment to get a handball cleaner gel that quickly and effectively removes the resin residues from your ball. Here's how: apply gel to the ball. After two to five hours, depending on the amount of resin, rinse the ball with lukewarm water, and the resin is gone. Watch the video below for demonstration.

If you've got a lot of resin on your clothes, we recommend our Resin Wash Spray.


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In need of a resin supplier?

Does your club need advice and guidance when looking for resin products for your team? At SELECT, we have many years of experience and expertise in providing complete solutions to clubs - whether you're looking for new handballs, handball apparel, or equipment like resin, cones, bags, etc.

Contact us for further information - we're ready to assist you.

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