Shin guards

When you go on the field and have to give your maximum, it is important that you protect your body as well as possible. Football is a contact sport and tackles, falls and collisions are part of the game. A football player's most important tools are the legs and feet, and therefore it is extra important to take care of the shins and ankles.

Shin guards are an essential part of your equipment for matches and training - and absolutely mandatory when you play official matches. All football players should wear shin guards to protect themselves. Therefore, it is important to find exactly the type that suits you.

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Shin guard types

The classic

The classic shin guard with a Velcro closure has a molded shell and is lined with comfortable EVA foam. The soft padding around the foot ensures a good fit, ankle protection, and fewer injuries.

The tube

Tube shin guards are the more modern version with a snug-fitting sock that provides greater freedom of movement. This shin guard is made of a lightweight and sweat-wicking material that will feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire soccer game.

The one without Foot

The shin guard "without foot" has a hard shell and two Velcro straps that ensure a secure fit on the leg. This shin guard is easy to put on and take off as you don't need to remove either the sock or the boot for it.

Shin guards that last for years

At SELECT, you will find the classic shin guard, lightweight and flexible shin guards, as well as shin guards with EVA foam, and more.
No matter which type you choose, you will get shin guards made of comfortable and durable materials that are flexible and will provide protection for many seasons.



Shin guards are available in many sizes from small to x-large, but be aware that the sizes do not correspond to your clothing size. Therefore, it's a good idea to first try on the shin guards in a store, preferably together with boots and socks, so you can be completely sure that they fit properly.

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