When you play sports, the body develops heat and it is important that the body can transport the sweat away so that you stay dry and warm at all times. Sports underwear plays an important role here. Sports underwear both supports, but also helps to keep the heat under the sports clothes when the temperatures alternately rise and fall. A functional base layer at the very bottom is vital if you need to keep warm when playing sports.

SELECT Baselayer is sports underwear specially developed to help you keep warm as well as provide support, greater mobility and comfort during training and combat. That way, you can keep the focus on your performance and enjoy the comfort that the sports underwear provides.



high-quality Baselayer with focus on sustainability

The functional Baselayer series from SELECT not only keeps you warm but is also developed with a focus on sustainability. The sports underwear is created with recyclable polyester. All styles are made with Repreve Polyester, a special innovative yarn type made from recyclable plastic bottles. The knitted fabric of recycled polyester is breathable, quick-drying, and undergoes an antibacterial treatment to ensure odor-free properties. With this focus, we contribute to our sustainability goals in our production.
As in all SELECT products, materials and design reflect a high level of quality and functionality, and with Baselayer products, you can be sure to provide the best conditions for keeping your body warm!

Explore our Baselayer range

At SELECT, you will find a wide range of Baselayer products. We know your needs can vary depending on the season and changing temperatures.
The main focus is to keep the body warm from the inside, but you may need the long variants in the winter season and the short ones in the summer period.
Our Baselayer shirt, t-shirt, and tank top are breathable and provide compression, and warmth.
In the Baselayer series, you will find the following products for the upper body:
• Baselayer t-shirt
• Baselayer tank top
• Baselayer long-sleeved shirt
• Baselayer long-sleeved shirt with turtleneck

The lower body also needs to be kept warm, and here mobility and compression are emphasized.
In the Baselayer series, you will find the following products for the lower body:
• Baselayer shorts
• Baselayer long pants