SELECT Sport sells more than 4 million balls every year. Around 40% of these hand-stitched balls are produced in the Sialkot area of Pakistan by Anwar Khawaja Industries (AKI). SELECT is one of many companies whose production is carried out here.

Select's Approach to CSR in Pakistan

For those people who stitch SELECT balls in Pakistan, it is our aim to meet their basic needs. These needs include medical assistance and medication for the whole family. All children are given the opportunity to have an education. Education is the key to improving living standards for future generations. This objective also includes abolishing child labour, something which SELECT and AKI do not wish to make use of.


There is very little social welfare provision in Pakistan, which means that a serious illness can easily wipe out a family’s finances.


SAHEP gives the family a sum of money for each child going to school

Ongoing commitment

SELECT sees SAHEP as an integral part of its corporate culture and social responsibility


SELECT and AKI have designed an assistance program for the tailors - it is called SAHEP (SELECT Anwar Khawaja Industries Health & Education Program). SAHEP provides, among other things, free medical aid and medicine to all the tailors' family members, incentives to keep the children in school, and direct teaching for those children who cannot attend regular school.

SAHEP staff in Pakistan, under the leadership of Mrs. Anita Khawaja, maintain accurate records of all SELECT/AKI tailors and their children, regularly visiting the families. This ensures that SAHEP's services reach the right people and that the needs of each family are followed.

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