At SELECT you will find a large selection of quality handballs for all levels. SELECT's founder Eigil Nielsen was thus driven by a dream to develop innovative world-class handballs and soccer balls for the enjoyment of all dedicated ball players regardless of level or age.

Today, SELECT is a supplier to some of the biggest handball finals and leagues with handballs characterized by high quality, durability and beautiful design.

SELECT ULTIMATE is simply considered to be the world's best handball and has been chosen by the European Handball Federation EHF as the official match ball for the Champions League, the world's biggest club tournament, as well as all the EHF's other club tournaments and European Championship finals.

SELECT is also behind the world's first intelligent handball; ULTIMATE iBALL, with a built-in chip tracker and distributes data in real time.

In addition to supplying handballs for games at world-class level, SELECT also has a large selection of youth handballs and for the very youngest age groups the SELECT Soft series, which invites you to play and play with a soft and nice ball.

As a supplement to the more classic handballs, you will find a multitude of balls for other types of handball games; street, beach, grass or youth and senior handball as well as rehabilitation with a focus on strengthening muscles and joints. You can be in many places in life, but regardless of whether you are a mini-putt, a teenager or a senior, playing with the ball is fun, educational and enriching.


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What size handball do you need?

To get the most out of your training and match, it is important that you play with the right size handball.

These are the recommendations from the Danish Handball Federation:

Size 0 – U11 boys and U11 girls

Size 1 – U13 boys and U13 girls

Size 2 – U15 boys and U15+ girls

Size 3 – U17+ boys

Our Handball Categories

Before choosing the handball that suits you and your needs, you should first consider the purpose - what will the ball be used for, who will use it, and at what level?

Driven by innovation

Learn more about how SELECT utilizes innovative production methods such as hand-sewing and dual bonding in their efforts to create the perfect handball.


Do you or your club need advice and guidance when searching for handballs for your team? At SELECT, we have many years of experience and expertise in providing comprehensive solutions for handballs and handball equipment to handball clubs. Contact us for further information - we are ready to assist you.

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