Special handballs

Street handball, soft handball, beach handball or perhaps balls for rehabilitation? No matter what type of ball you are looking for, you can be sure that SELECT has a wide selection to choose from. Handballs can be used for many different activities and games, so even if you may not be into the classic handball game, let yourself be excited by the many possibilities that the ball game otherwise offers.

In recent years, many types of street sports have appeared, including street handball. A cross-gender game, without physical contact and dribbling, but instead based on thoughts of spontaneity, play, community and fair play.

Beach and grass handball are other examples of newer and less classic types of ball games that embrace a new and younger audience.

You can be in many places in life, but regardless of whether you are a junior or a senior, playing with the ball is fun, educational and enriching. Perhaps you are looking for a ball for someone who has just started to play and therefore needs to start safely and well with the softest ball you can find. Or perhaps you are looking for a ball that can perform functions linked to rehabilitation? SELECT embraces most needs with its many types of balls.


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At SELECT, you will find a wide selection of quality handballs for all levels and types of play. In addition to the more classic handballs, you will discover a variety of balls for other purposes.


Circuit: A ball that is optimal for strengthening finger muscles and rehabilitation after injuries, with extra weight that makes it an excellent training ball as it increases the strength of the user.


Goalcha Street: Soft and compressible handball for children and adults, perfect for beginners focusing solely on throwing and catching. Widely used in street handball, as dribbling with the ball is not allowed.


Goalcha Five-a-Side: Specially developed senior handball, a super-soft ball suitable for technical training, great for outdoor training and beach handball.


All SELECT balls are built around 32 panels that together form the surface of the handball. The revolutionary design was invented by SELECT's founder Eigil Nielsen, and the 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons create a molecular pattern that ensures the ball's perfect roundness and optimal aerodynamic performance in the air.
SELECT employs innovative production methods such as hand-sewing and dual bonding in their efforts to create the perfect handball.

Find more about our bonding methods here.