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SELECT Brillant Super iBall

SELECT and German KINEXON have co-developed the intelligent SELECT Brillant Super iBall – a football with an integrated tracking sensor that will improve the football experience for everyone, as completely new data from football matches will now be available. SELECT Brillant Super iBall combines SELECT’s in-depth knowledge of football with KINEXON’s expertise in electronics, tracking and analysis. SELECT Brillant Super iBall is the first football with an integrated sensor to be FIFA Quality Pro approved, which means it can be used in the top football leagues. Only footballs that have been FIFA Quality Pro approved can be used in international matches organised by FIFA. The new SELECT iBall has passed all of the required tests and is now ready to be played in every top league around the world.

SELECT Ultimate iball handball

Ultimate iBall is the world’s first ever intelligent handball. Spectators benefit from brand-new insights into the game via the built-in KINEXON chip that records data in real time regarding ball speed, shot detection, shot position and the position of the ball in the goal. This brings fans closer to the action than ever before. All captured data is provided to television stations and digital channels in real time.

SELECT Ultimate iBall was awarded"Product of the Year"at the ISPO 2019.

The technology

SELECT has developed a football and a handball with an integrated KINEXON tracking sensor. KINEXON develops groundbreaking new hardware and software solutions for a multitude of different purposes. More than 400 teams, leagues and events around the world use KINEXON Sports & Media’s technology for performance tracking and analytics, fan engagement and contact tracking. KINEXON has made an ultra-small sensor with the least possible weight, and this sensor has subsequently been integrated into the bladder of the ball. Using radio technology,  the sensor transmits data about its position and movement approximately 50 times per second. The sensor transmits position data exceptionally quickly and ball data can be synchronised with player tracking data in less than 1 millisecond. By linking existing player tracking data with this new ball tracking data, a much better overview of an entire training session or match, with all its complexities, is achieved. 

Advantages of the SELECT iBalls:

Collects real-time data on shot speed, successful passes, quality of ball handling, shots per player and team, and much more.

Can be used by clubs to analyse player performance and the team’s performance during matches and training.

Can engage fans in the stadium and at home with live graphics showing game data.

Journalists and commentators can receive live data about the match they are covering.