Massage ball - Ball-Stik

STYLE NO.: 420010

Larger massage ball suitable for the entire body, especially larger areas. The ball's spiked surface supports a special combination of acupuncture, reflexology, and massage – the flow when rolling the ball softens tender and tense muscles while influencing blood circulation. The result includes a reduction in infiltrations and myofascial trigger points.
The ball can be used in two ways, similar to a foam roller – you can press your body against the ball with appropriate pressure and make rotations, or you can keep the ball still and press firmly on the tender spot. You should feel it, but it shouldn't be painful. After a few minutes, you can start rolling the ball to a new area. It's a good idea to use it after exercising – it prevents muscle soreness and quickly removes waste products. The ball is perfect for extended periods of work or other stressors where muscles become tired and tense.
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