Handball - Ultimate EHF Euro Men

STYLE NO.: 200028

Handball for professionals

The official match ball for the MEN'S EHF EURO 2024

Size: junior(2)


41- 43 cm 200 - 230 g
 0 46- 49 cm 240 - 300 g
 1 50- 52 cm 290 - 330 g
 2 54- 56 cm 325 - 375 g
 3 58- 60 cm 425 - 475 g
Colour: White/Blue

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Handball - Ultimate EHF Euro Men

Product details

Superb match ball used by both national teams and club teams.

The ball is made of extremely hard-wearing synthetic leather material.

The combination of the surface and a 4 mm foam inside ensures an optimal grip and great control.

The ball is light and lively, but above all its constant balance ensures that there are no random bounces.

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