Leisure footballs

This series consists of many all-round footballs that are ideal for children and youngsters
​for play in the streets, in the garden or in the school playground.


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Football is a game that can be played anywhere, on all types of surfaces, at any time of the day, by children, adults, men and women, girls and boys. The incredible thing about football is that it doesn't really require much equipment other than a ball, and you're good to go! Street football, backyard football, park football, football in the schoolyard. Football is far from being limited to organized clubs; it is rather a social phenomenon that can unfold anywhere. But with many different types of football games, there is a need for different balls to optimize the football experience, and at SELECT, you will find footballs that cater to all types of play. By finding the right type of ball, we ensure the best conditions for technique and tempo - and for your football to withstand endless matches and tournaments.

Find your perfect leisure football in our wide selection

leisure footballs

At SELECT, you will find footballs for all types of football games, whether it's for a little game with the family in the backyard or for street football with friends.


The Street series is perfect for street football, designed with a focus on quality and endurance, taking into account hard surfaces like asphalt. The Low-Bounce bladder ensures easy control of the football. The smaller bounce increases control and tempo. The balls are available in a cool color palette that matches the raw street look.


If you're into football tricks and freestyle outdoors or indoors, then the freestyle ball is exactly what you're looking for. The ball's surface ensures maximum technique and ball control. The foam layer in the football makes it soft and comfortable to make tricks with.

Brillant leisure series

If you're looking for a versatile ball that can be used for many different types of games, then the iconic Brillant leisure series is designed to meet most people's needs. It's a ball made of soft PU leather and it's available in different sizes, so even very young children can get to know the game of football with a quality ball.


The Classic series offers footballs made of soft PU leather for all types of games, with a focus on children and youth. Available in three different designs and various colors.

We promise high quality - even for our SELECT leisure footballs

At SELECT, it is our mission to create footballs of the highest quality. Durability and quality are top priorities when we develop our footballs. By innovatively working with materials and functionality, we ensure that our balls meet the highest standards of performance. From the very best professional leagues and international tournaments to the soft PU leather and foam footballs used by the youngest and newest football players.
Created by football players for football players.

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