In this category, you will find socks for various sports activities. Choose from sports socks, regular football socks, warm football socks made of wool, and our footless tube socks. All our sports socks are comfortable and of high quality, ensuring your feet are well-prepared to perform on the field.



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When you are being active, it's beneficial to wear the right socks for the purpose. Our sports socks are tailored to different sports, ensuring you get the most optimal socks. Our sports socks are soft and comfortable, and also durable so you can use them many times.
We have both regular sports socks that suit most activities and several types of football socks designed specifically for football players.

Choose Sports Socks from SELECT

Our regular sports socks come in both short and long versions, so you can choose the length that suits you best. Additionally, our sports socks are also available in a non-slip version. For football players, we have the perfect socks whether you prefer a classic football sock or play with a tube sock. Our tube socks can be advantageously combined with our non-slip sports socks. Our football socks and tube socks have extra support at the ankle, ensuring your shin guards stay in place. For the cold winter months, we have wool football socks to keep your feet warm for outdoor football year-round. Our football socks come in many different colors, so you can choose the color that matches your team's colors. With many years of experience in sportswear and equipment, you can be sure that with socks from SELECT, you are well-prepared for your training and matches.

Find Sports Socks in the Right Size and Fit

Our sports socks come in various sizes, so you can choose the one that fits you best. When playing sports, it's important that the sock is neither too big nor too small, ensuring you are comfortable in your sports shoes and that the fit is perfect for your leg and ankle.

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At SELECT, you'll find much more than just sports socks. We have both match and training wear, leisure wear, clothing accessories, and equipment. Our sportswear is comfortable and durable, and much of our player clothing also contains recycled polyester.

At SELECT, we have many years of experience providing balls, sports care products, clothing, and accessories to athletes. Learn more about our history here.