Exercises with massage ball / spiky ball - Ball-Punktur

Ball-Punktur can be used anywhere and everywhere. Small and handy with a great impact. ​​​​​​​

Acupressure for the foot

Acupressure for the foot with SELECT Ball Punktur helps reduce swelling, increases blood circulation and relieves tension.

The calf and hamstring

Relieve tension, muscle knots and remove waste products in the tissue of the calf and hamstring with SELECT Ball Punktur.

hips and glutes

Relieve tension in the hips and glutes with Ball Punktur. These exercises increase blood circulation and soften sore muscles.

the lower back and spine

Relieve your sore back and lower back area with Ball Punktur by releasing tension and increasing blood circulation. 

Back shoulders and neck

Relieve tension in the tight muscles around the neck and shoulder with Ball Punktur and allow for circulation and flow.

Front shoulder, breast and arms

Relieve sore muscles in the chest area, front shoulders and arms with Ball-Punktur.