Ethical responsibility is a focus point for SELECT SPORT. As a global company, we know that our actions matter. We see sustainability as a journey, and we are continuously taking sustainable steps in our production, packaging and partnerships.


We want to make a difference, from our choice of materials to production and transport. We want to push the boundaries of innovative product development and create durable quality products.


We strive to achieve a production of the highest quality, lasting
for many years, and with the lowest possible
environmental impact.

Business partners

We see our suppliers as partners and work closely with them every day to make the best possible products. Their expertise allows us to continue developing and creating high-quality, durable products.

Sustainable SELECT SPORT products

We want to reduce our use of plastic and to use even more recycled materials in our production. We have:

  • saved 300,000 plastic packets annually by switching our Profcare Support packaging from plastic packaging to smaller cardboard packaging, thereby reducing our transport volume by 40%
  • reduced our use of plastic by 50% in the packaging of the MONACO and PISA clothing lines
  • introduced a drinking bottle made of biodegradable plastic
  • used materials made from recycled PET bottles in our Planet football and Primera football
  • introduced recycled polyester in our BASELAYER underwear range
  • created Eco Ice Pack, a CO2 friendly ice pack without water, where we avoid transporting 45 tonnes of water, thereby reducing CO2 emissions by 44% annually

Social responsibility

Our social responsibility goes a long way back with a focus on Anwar Khawaja Industries (AKI), where all our hand-stitched balls are produced. To help our sewing staff and their families as much as possible, we have, together with AKI, developed the SAHEP – SELECT AKI Health & Education Programme.

SAHEP provides workers and their families - over 6,000 people in total - with free medical care and medicine, as well as offering special education for all children.

SELECT considers SAHEP to be an integral part of our corporate culture and our social responsibility. The programme also helps us maintain our high quality as it promotes our sewing staff’s loyalty to SELECT and AKI.