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At SELECT, we create world-class balls. Balls characterized by high quality, durability and beautiful design.

With this, we continue to build on SELECT's founder Eigil Nielsen's dream of developing innovative balls of the highest quality for the enjoyment of all ball players, regardless of level or age.

Today, SELECT is a supplier to some of the largest professional leagues, clubs and championships within football and handball - just as we embrace balls for many other types of ball games. Games for all levels and for all ages.

All SELECT balls are based on a design process based on knowledge and experience. We never compromise on quality, playing characteristics or durability because we know how important it is that you as a player can trust your ball - regardless of whether you play football or basketball.

With the revolutionary ball construction with 32 fields, Eigil Nielsen succeeded in creating the roundest ball ever with the most reliable aerodynamics; a straight glide and a controlled jump. The 32 fields and a deep trust in the qualities of the ball are the cornerstone and inspiration in our work to develop world-class balls.



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