The world's longest football partnership turns 70 years!

The world's longest football partnership turns 70 years!

The ball from SELECT has a very special place in Danish football history, and it is therefore also a legendary partnership for national team football,

70 years ago, SELECT Sport founder and national team goalkeeper, Eigil Nielsen, entered into an agreement with the Dansk Boldspil-Union prior to the international match against Sweden. It was to be played with a new and Danish-produced football created by Eigil himself. The match ended with a Danish victory and marked a milestone for DBU and SELECT Sport, as the agreement and sponsorship have continued uninterrupted ever since.

October marks the month for the world's longest-lasting football partnership and a unique collaboration between DBU and SELECT Sport. A collaboration which is an important part of Danish club sports culture and which has contributed to the development of Danish football from DBU's Football School, the amateur clubs and up to the professional clubs and not least the Danish national teams over time.

Ronnie Hansen, kommerciel direktør, DBU, udtaler:

"A partnership of this length is nothing less than unique in a world where we see again and again how the small details can decide big football matches. That is why we are very happy at DBU to be able to mark such a historic milestone with such a valued partner as SELECT Sport. A collaboration that has been in constant development since the beginning, and where we collectively continue to strive to raise the bar and set new common goals together," says Ronnie Hansen.

Country Sales Manager at SELECT Sport, Peter Frank, states:

"We are enormously proud that our footballs have been an important part of DBU for 70 years. We are therefore delighted to be part of the world's longest-lasting football partnership. Our balls have always been praised by the players as being the best, and we do not disagree with that. During the partnership, there has been a colossal development of our ball production, right from the first laceless ball until today, where the fields in the footballs are fused using ultrasonic sound waves. The ultrasonic balls are manufactured according to a Danish-patented production method, which SELECT, as the first in the world, introduced in 2021".