Select Sport celebrates 75 years!

Select Sport celebrates 75 years!
75 Years!

On May 4, it will be 75 years since SELECT was founded in 1947 by the Danish national football team goalkeeper Eigil Nielsen.

He was a regular in 28 international matches from 1940 to 1951, and was there when Denmark won bronze at the Olympics in London in 1948. In Eigil Nielsen's time, elite footballers could not live solely by playing football, so he chose to train as a sports psychologist with a concurrent job in the shoe and leather industry. It was here that he created the first SELECT football.

For 75 years, SELECT has been an innovative ball supplier with a strong focus on quality. Over the years, there have been many improvements and through great knowledge and development, both football and handball have undergone a great development since the first balls came on the market - and the development still continues today.

In 1962, SELECT introduced one of the greatest inventions in the history of football – namely the ball with 32 fields. With the 32 fields (20 hexagons and 12 pentagons), SELECT managed to create the roundest ball ever. A ball with optimal roundness is fundamental to achieving reliable aerodynamics, i.e. a straight flight and a controlled bounce. Today, football and handball tournaments all over the world are still played with balls according to Eigil Nielsen's 32-field principle, just as all the balls produced around the world are based on his innovation.

SELECT is still working to improve the game of handball and football, and this spring SELECT was able to present the world's first intelligent football, which is approved by FIFA to be played with in matches at the highest level. SELECT has together with German KINEXON created the intelligent soccer ball with the name SELECT Brillant Super iBall. This ball has a tracking sensor inside, which provides completely new opportunities to collect live data for the benefit of coaches, fans, commentators and media.


From ball supplier to total supplier

SELECT today sells close to 4 million balls per year, but in addition to the balls, also has a large selection of sportswear and sports accessories, which are sold in more than 50 countries around the world. SELECT's product range today includes both playing wear, training wear, leisure clothes, PROFCARE sports bandages and sports care, goalkeeper gloves and lots of TEAMGEAR which consists of various football and handball equipment.


SELECT as league partner

SELECT is today the official ball supplier to many of the best football leagues in Europe, including the German Bundesliga, which makes SELECT the biggest league partner.



SELECT Sport also owns the subsidiary Derbystar, which sells footballs and football accessories on the German market. Derbystar is the official ball sponsor in the best German football league, the Bundesliga. SELECT Sport also has branches in Norway, Sweden and the USA.