Soccer balls

The extensive selection of high quality soccer balls is made in strong and visible colours. Our top ball, the legendary BRILLANT SUPER, is the official match ball in the Belgian, Danish and Finnish ​league and in a number of European clubs.

Pro level

This range of balls is used for matches played at top professional level.

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Club Series

This range of balls are suitable for club-level matches and training.

training series

This range delivers training performance at an excellent value.

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Camp series

The camp series is perfect for recreational programs or training camps looking for a budget option.

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The balls in The Special Series are used for various goalkeeper excercises and for outfield players to practice headers with.​


inflating instruction

Check out how to properly inflate your new Select soccer ball to ensure a long life and optimal performance.

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Brillant Super - Quality comes from inside

The exclusive design of the exterior hides a football manufactured in specially-developed Japanese TEIJIN microfibre, which makes the ball seem significantly softer than its predecessor. Without compromising on material thickness or adding foam, we have achieved a thoroughly tested feeling of liveliness and lightness – while naturally also preserving the good characteristics such as control and stability that have always characterised a BRILLANT SUPER.The material may be Japanese but BRILLANT SUPER is produced as always by our year-long supplier in Pakistan. The ball is sewn by hand and produced in quality materials from its innermost to its outermost layers. The Zero-Wing bladder ensures that the ball remains in constant balance throughout its flight through the air and a Double-Lock butyl valve ensures that it is practically airtight.​

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The bladder is made of high performance natural latex. The Zero Wing concept has been developed to ensure that not only the ball but also the bladder is as round as possible. Many other balls are fitted with butyl bladders, which have the disadvantage of the bounce becoming subdued. SELECT solely uses latex bladders in our balls with build-in balance point at the opposite side of the valve hole. This, together with the Zero Wing concept, ensures a perfectly balanced ball with a very lively bounce.

To stabilise the ball and to ensure that it remains round; its 32 panels are lined with several layers of textile material. The lining helps to adjust the softness and improves the contact between the ball and the foot. At the same time, it helps to keep the ball water resistant. The composition of the materials used in the lining is extremely important and therefore varies from model to model. Through a great number of tests, we have managed to ensure the optimal combination of linings to guarantee the stability and playing qualities of each individual football. We therefore use many different types of linings, each with their own individual strengths.

The outer layer of the ball is made of synthetic leather in polyurethane (PU). The surface of this material can be either ”shiny” or ”grain” and consists of lots of PU fibres. Combined this gives the football a strong surface with consistent softness. BRILLANT SUPER, SUPER and VISION are the only balls made using elastic microfiber, which ensures unique playing qualities.

The rubber material used in our valves is well known for being airtight and together with the Double Lock system, where the air must pass through two ”gates” to escape, the ball is even more airtight than the requirements demanded by FIFA.

All balls in the Pro and Club Series are hand stitched. The 32 panels are sewn together using 630 double stitches and 60 corner stitches and are closed off (especially for SELECT) with a double knot. The ball lasts longer this way.

new dual bonded production method

A newly developed method in soccer ball production is ready to be presented: Dual Bonded is the name - DB in short.

Two editions of the new production method are available in our soccer ball range this year.


The first edition of our newly developed dual bonded production method is used in the new soccer ball called BLAZE DB. The construction of this ball consists of a PU-material laminated with 3 mm foam. Next, two layers of textile underlining are laminated to the foam layer to add stability. The panels are then 3D printed with 3mm edge glue and stitched by hand, In the heat mold the glue is activated to hide the stitches. Next, the seam sealing is done by hand. The glue in the seams reduces the water uptake significantly. The bladder inside is a SR-bladder with excellent air retention. The result is a soccer ball with both stability, control and a softer touch compared to other balls in the range.


The second edition of the new dual bonded production method is the Target DB. This new ball is both machine-stiched and sealed with glue. The contstruction consists of a PU-material laminated with 3.5 mm foam. Two layers of textile underlining are them laminated to the foam layers to add stability. Finally, the panels are 3D printed with a 3mm edge glue and stitched together. The glue is activated in the heat mold to hide the stitches and the seam sealing is done by hand. By using glue in the sealing of the seams, the water uptake is reduced significantly.The bladder inside is a SR-bladder with excellent air retention. The result is a soccer ball with both stability, control and a softer touch compared to other balls in the range.