THE training series

High quality training balls that work for every budget

Club DB v20

Club DB

  • Strong training ball with the famous true flight from SELECT
  • Excellent for all youth levels as well as adults on limited budgets
  • Dual bonded panels - both machine stitched and sealed with glue for less water uptake
  • 3 mm textured TPU cover laminated with foam to increase softness
  • SR bladder used to keep weight and secure optimal air retention
  • For every pruchse of the CLUB DB CURE, SELECT Sport donates $1/ball to the cure of Breast Cancer.
  • Available February 2020
ColorSize 3Size 4Size 5



Future Light DB

Future Light DB

  • New football for kids and youngsters
  • Dual bonded construction for less water uptake
  • Made of soft and durable TPU material
  • SR bladder inside of excellent air retention
  • Reduced weight to improve children's playing skills
  • Size 5 weight, white/green: 350 -380 g
  • Size 4 weight white/red: 290 - 320 g
  • Available February 2020