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This range of handballs includes professional level balls as well as value options that are suitable for club-level matches and training.​

Maxi Grip

Maxi Grip

  • A newly developed handball with a unique sticky surface that provides excellent grip around the ball without the need for resin.

  • The surface is sticky when you catch the ball, but when you release it, your hand remains clean with no traces of adhesive and the ball does not leave traces on hands or sports floors.


  • Size: 2/Ladies or 3/Gents

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ISPO award 2018

The jury has chosen the MAXI GRIP because the innovating ball is giving kids and youth talents the opportunity to play with sticky handballs without any use of resin. As a result, players who are not allowed to use resin (children and players in resin-free halls) can finally play with a ball with a sticky surface.



  • Exclusive, high quality hand-sewn match ball.

  • Made of a durable PU synthetic leather material.

  • The special surface gives the ball its own unique look.

  • Feels amazingly well in the hand - with or without resin.


  • Size: 2, 3

Match Soft

Match soft

  • Exclusive hand-sewn match and training ball.

  • Made of soft and durable PU synthetic leather.

  • A Zero-Wing bladder inside ensures optimal roundness.

  • The ball feels really great in the hand - with or without resin.


  • Size: 2, 3