Football - Brillant Super UZ

STYLE NO.: 101176


Now with recycled polyester backing

New construction method with ultrasonic sound waves bonding the 32 panels together.

Size: 5
Colour: White/Black

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Football - Brillant Super UZ

Product details

Our absolute top football, manufactured using an entirely new construction method where ultrasonic sound waves weld together the 32 panels, and now it's even made with recycled polyester in the lining. The ball is composed of carefully selected materials of the highest quality, with all the characteristics that define a classic SELECT football. The surface of the ball features a new 3D diamond structure, ensuring an even more stable trajectory, optimized friction between ball and boot, and the best grip for goalkeepers. The new construction minimizes water absorption compared to a hand-sewn ball, allowing the ball to retain its original weight when played on wet surfaces. Beneath the outer material, the ball has a newly developed lining consisting of two different foam materials, as well as a Zero Wing latex bladder with a built-in balance point located opposite the valve hole. The outer material and the foam underneath make the ball feel lightweight and have a pleasant softness. Additionally, the ball is now made of a softer and better PU material.
Materials: PU leather.

Ultra Zonic

Ultra Zonic

Ultra Zonic Ball


Made using a completely new construction method with ultrasonic sound waves bonding the 32 panels together. This new construction ensures minimal water uptake compared to a hand-stitched ball, helping the ball retains its original weight when playing on wet surfaces.

FIFA Quality Pro

FIFA Quality Pro

FIFA Quality Pro


The emphasis of the test requirements is on first-class performance, accuracy and safety. Products, playing surfaces and technologies with this quality mark are designed for optimal performance and use at the highest level.

Zero Wing Bladder

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