PROFCARE Balance Board

A PROFCARE Balance Board is a simple but highly effective training tool. Whether it is preventive training or rehabilitation after injuries in ankles or knees, a balance board is the optimal choice. Follow the training program here and:

  • Get the movement back into the joints
  • Strengthen the muscles
  • Improve the coordination
  • Achieve better balance and minimize the risk of injury

When you are injured, your coordination ability is weakened. This means that cooperation between nerves, muscles and joints are not functioning optimally.

By training on the balance board this ability can be regained, so that coordination training should begin while the normal training resumes.

After an injury you should train on the balance board 5-10 minutes daily for a least 6 months.

When rehabilitation is complete, you may want to continue training on the balance board to prevent future injuries.

Profcare Balance Board in action

Training sessions on tow-in-one balance board

With the two-in-one balance board, you have a useful training tool whatever your current level is. You should start with the big, slow ball and then build up your balance and coordination. When you feel that the board is moving too slowly in relation to you level, you just switch to the small and faster ball.