Resin Products

Different types of resin for excellent grip and resin remover products.​

Profcare Resin

Profcare resin

  • Strong adhesive power specially designed for use with SELECT handballs.

  • Creamy and has a softer and longer finish between hand and ball.

  • Provides excellent grip and a feeling of the ball gliding smoothly from the hand.

  • Allergy-friendly and much easier to use and remove than other types of resins and pollutes significantly less.

  • Used by many top clubs and national teams.

  • Recommended and approved by EHF.

  • Size: 100 ml, 200 ml, 500 ml

Select Resin

select resin

  • Strong adhesive power specially designed for use with SELECT handballs.

  • Sticks quicker than PROFCARE RESIN, and is suited to harder balls.

  • Allergy-friendly.

  • Used at absolute top level.

  • Approved by EHF

  • Size: 100 ml, 500 ml

Handball Cleaner


  • New and innovative gel for cleaning all kinds of handballs for resin
  • Cleaning will not damage the ball
  • A clean ball does not leave black marks on the floor, which is a big help for hall staf
  • User instructions: Add the gel on the ball. After two-five hours, depending on the amount of resin, rinse the ball with warm water - and the resin is gone.
  • Size: 500 ml
Resin Remover

Resin remover

  • Effective removal of all types of resin.

  • Gentle on the hands.

  • Creamy consistency.

  • Size: 500 ml

Resin Remover Liquid

Resin remover liquid

  • Effective removal of traditional resin.

  • Size: 100 ml

Resin Spray

Resin spray

  • Traditional resin for handballs, spray.

  • Size: 100 ml

Resin Wash Spray

Resin wash spray

  • Especially developed for removal of resin stains on clothes.

  • Very effective.

  • Only removes resin and neither the colour of the clothes nor the print.

  • Can also be used on handballs.

  • Size: 1000 ml