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All the small things that makes a training session perfect.

Bottle Carrier

Bottle carrier

  • For 8 water bottles.

Drinking Bottles

water bottles

  • 100% plant-based, recyclable water bottle made from sugar cane.

  • This water bottle is in a bio based plastic material processed from sugar canes.

  • Size: 0,5 L and 0,7 L



  • LCD display
  • Counts steps and distance traveled
  • Counts calories burned
  • Automatic shutdown
Stop Watch

Stop watch

  • With timing (1/100 sec.), clock and date.

Mouth Guard

mouth guard

  • Available in clear and black (black only size Senior).

  • Size: Junior, Senior

Declaration of Conformity - Download PDF



  • With removable codpiece.

  • Size: S, L

Declaration of Conformity - Download PDF