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PROFCARE Sports Supports cover every need of both elite and fitness level athletes.

The elastic range with basic supports is used for supporting minor injuries and the wide neoprene range helps to prevent injuries by having the right amount of warmth and support as well as alleviating pain caused by old injuries.

Our neoprene supports are made in a simple and functional
design of superlative quality. The specially constructed shape fits instantly to the anatomy of the body, and the series comprises of products that can be used all over the body including the ankle, calf, knee, thigh, groin, elbow and shoulder. PROFCARE Neoprene Supports are used by a large number of handball players and clubs playing at top international level.

An innovative series of supports with kinesiological effect and compression has also been developed and added to this category. Several players in the world of handball already use PROFCARE Compression Supports, and a number of other professional
athletes in sports like badminton, basketball, tennis and golf find advantages in our innovation.

The athlete's body needs care and attention. This is where our long list of different sportscare products come into play. With medical bags, creams, and several types of tapes, we allow for plenty of recovery after training and in preparation for the next match.


sports supports

Neoprene supports

High quality supports for the entire body made in hard-wearing SBR neoprene.

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Lightweight compression supports

Supports for handball that provide optimum distribution between compression and protection.

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Compression with kinesiological effect

Practical supports for arms and legs, and clothing with kinesiological effect for increased energy.

Thermal Trousers

Optimum fit and suitable for prevention against problems in the groin area.

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Covers the whole body for the support and relief of muscles and joints.



Specially developed knee- and ankle supports and a 2-layer sports-bra.


sports care products

Cream & ointments

Huge selection for use before and after training and match.

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Various cooling products for injuries and instant pain relief.​


Numerous types of tape, plaster & bandages with many different strengths suitable for training and match​.

BSN TAPE & bandages

Tensospray, tapes & bandages suitable for training and match​.

medical bags

In various sizes with or without contents suitable for every training and match.​

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Massage balls

BALL-PUNKTUR & BALL-STIK are massage balls suitable for the entire body - especially the back and the feet.

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Sole- & heel ​supports

Made in flexible material for optimum anatomical fit and support.

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balance board & medicine balls

Accessories for strength training and for rehabilitation after injuries.



​Towel and wristband in high quality for training and match.

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