cooling products

Various cooling products for injuries and instant pain relief.


Eco ice pack

  • An easy, quick and cooling aid for injuries – just add water

  • Lightweight and with a comfortable textile cover

  • Allergy and environmentally friendly

  • PVC and latex free

  • Box with 12 pcs.

how to use
Eco ice pack?

How to use ECO ICE PACK?
Ice pack

Ice pack

  • Disposable bag.

  • Fantastic cooling effect.

  • Ideal for injuries at sports grounds, work and in the home.

Hot-cold pack

Hot-cold pack

  • Can be used for both cooling and warming.

  • The gel provides an optimal and long-lasting effect.

  • Ideal for RICE treatment.

  • Can be used again and again.

Compression wrap - Transparent Wrap - Profcare Wrap


  • Transparent film to keep Hot-Cold Pack and Ice Pack in place
  • Easy to use
  • Size 10 cm.
Cool Down Ice Gel - Profcare


  • COOL DOWN ICE GEL is a quick-acting, cooling gel with effective relief for stressed extremities

  • Its instant cooling effect is ideal for care, massage and regeneration ofstressed muscles after sports and exercising

  • Is suitable for refreshing and general muscular tension

  • The gel promotes recovery when used immediately after performance

  • Size 150 ml

Ice Spray

Ice Spray

  • Gives superficial and cooling relief.

  • Can not replace ice pack.

  • Use with care, as it can cause frost bite on the skin.