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Strappal sportstape white

Strappal sportstape

  • With extremely strong and skinfriendly adhesive that minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.

  • Stable, even in extreme situations.

  • Inelastic and easy to tear.

  • Used at top level.

  • Size: 2,5 cm - 4,0 cm - 5,0 cm

Leukotape K blue

Leukotape K

  • Elastic tape with Pain Relief Technique.

  • Applied directly onto the skin in the painful area.

  • Distracting signals provide the pain relief.

  • Effective shortly after application.

  • Size: 2,5 cm and 5,0 cm

Leukotape P beige

Leukotape P

  • Strong non-elastic tape with extra adhesive effect.

  • Water-resistant.

  • Porous adhesive allows skin to breathe.

  • Is used for McConnell tape technique or where extra strong tape is required.

  • Size: 3,8 cm

Tensoplus self-adhesive bandage

Tensoplus self-adhesive bandage

  • High quality elastic self-adhesive bandage.

  • Does not cling to your skin, just to itself.

  • Easy to apply and easy to tear across.

  • Gives the right support compression and stays in place.

  • Can be used repeatedly.

  • Size: 8,0 cm

Tensoplast elastic adhesive bandage

Tensoplast elastic adhesive bandage

  • Outstanding elasticity and adhesive properties.

  • Allows the skin to breathe during long-term use.

  • No constrictive edges, does not wrinkle, no marks on the skin.

  • Good support bandage for fibre, knee and ankle injuries.

  • Size: 5,0 cm and 7,5 cm



  • Gives a stronger adhesive effect between tape and skin.

  • Size: 300 ml