other balls

A diverse selection of different ball types for sports such as basketball and volleyball or just fun at home.

Street Basket

street basket

  • Traditional basketball made of hard-wearing rubber.

  • Suitable for practice - indoors and outdoors.

  • Size: 5, 6, 7

Boomerang balls


  • Rubber ball with string.
  • Wind the band around the wrist.
  • Throw the ball and the elastic will keep the ball coming back so you can catch it with the same hand.
  • Circumference: 20 cm.
  • Assorted - 20 pcs per box - 4 diff. Colours
Beach Volley Ball blue - SELECT

beach volley v22

  • Games on the beach

  • Volleyball made of soft and water-resistant material with a carbonium structure

  • Size: 5

Pro Smash Volley

pro smash volley

  • Official size volleyball suitable for indoor training.

  • Can e.g. be used for training in the school.

  • Made of soft and attractive PU micro fibre.

  • Size 5

Kids Volley

kids volley

  • Suitable for indoor training.

  • Weighs 100 grams less than a normal volleyball but in the official size.

  • Enables children to develop their playing skills.

  • Made of soft EVA foam.

  • Size: 5

American Football

american football

  • Suitable for training and match.
  • Made of durable rubber material.
  • Official size.
  • Size: Junior (3), Senior (5)
Play Balls

play balls

  • Foam ball with ”PU skin”.

  • Suitable for all kinds of games

  • These balls are gentle to the environment and therefore suitable for children.

  • Size: 7 (21 cm), 9 (27 cm), 15 (46 cm), 18 (54 cm), 21 (65 cm)

Foam Tennis Balls

foam tennis balls

  • Foam ball made of a lightweight, soft ma-
    terial. Can be used for playing mini- tennis.

  • Size: 9 (27 cm), 12 (36 cm).