the new Official liga nos match ball

SELECT provides the official match ball (bola official) for Primeira Liga as of 2019-23 season.

As an official match ball supplier in several top European football leagues and divisions including leagues in USA, SELECT has further strenghtened its position as the number one league partner in the partnership with LIGA NOS. The FIFA Quality Pro certified BRILLANT SUPER TB has the characteristics that distinguish a classic SELECT ball and is suitable for matches at the absolute highest level. The materials are carefully selected and tested to exactly match the qualities that give the best playability and durability. The design of the ball has a classic white base colour contrasting the vibrant colour elements and dynamic, striped edges to symbolise the speed and movement of the ball in a fast-paced game. The design increases the visibility of the ball for players, goalkeepers and spectators, and the original 32 panel-construction of the ball provides a superior, stable flight in the air.

A Bola Oficial da Liga Portugal para 2022-23
The official match ball - Bola official Liga Nos 2022 - Liga Portugal - Brillant Super TB