On 4 May 1947, the then Danish national football team goalkeeper, Eigil Nielsen, founded SELECT. Which means the company will be 75 years old on 4 May 2022. ​​​​​​​

SELECT has been an innovative ball supplier with a strong focus on quality for 75 years. Over the years, there have been many improvements, and through extensive knowledge and development, both football and handball have undergone major development since the first balls were launched on the market – and the development continues today.

SELECT is no longer just a ball supplier. Today SELECT also sells sportswear and leisurewear as well as a wide range of sports accessories.


SELECT was founded in 1947 by the then Danish national football team goalkeeper, Eigil Nielsen. He was the national team’s first-choice goalkeeper and played in 28 national matches from 1940 to 1951. He was the goalkeeper for the Danish team that won the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in London in 1948. In Eigil Nielsen’s time, elite football players could not live solely on football, so he studied to become a sports psychologist while working in the footwear and leather industry. During this time, he created the first SELECT football.

SELECT fodbold 1947
SELECT fodbold 1951

In 1951, Eigil Nielsen entered into an agreement with the Danish Football Association (DBU) to supply balls to the national football team’s matches. This was the beginning of a long collaboration between SELECT and the DBU, which still thrives today, with SELECT continuing to supply balls to all of the Danish national football teams.

In the same year that the agreement with the DBU was signed, SELECT launched a new football with a built-in valve and no external string. This meant that the ball could better retain its round shape and that there was no string to interfere with kicks and especially headers.

In 1962, SELECT introduced one of the greatest inventions in football history – the 32-panel ball. With 32 panels (20 hexagons and 12 pentagons), SELECT managed to create the roundest ball ever. The 32-panel design means that the ball meets wind resistance later in its flight through the air, thus maintaining a stable high speed for a longer period of time. This provides a stable and more predictable flight.

SELECT fodbold 1962
SELECT håndbold 1972

In 1972, SELECT entered the world of handball in earnest when the first 32-panel ball was launched.

In 1974 SELECT stopped using cow leather and produced the first hand-stitched synthetic leather ball. Synthetic leather quickly became the preferred choice of players, and today almost all balls are made of synthetic leather, regardless of the manufacturer.

SELECT fodbold 1974
SELECT iBall - fodbold 2012

In 2012, SELECT once again presented a groundbreaking new product – the world’s first intelligent football called SELECT iBall.

In 2017, SELECT invented the world’s first resin-free handball. It’s called Maxi Grip.

SELECT Maxi Grip håndbold 2017
SELECT Ultimate iBall - håndbold 2018

Just one year later in 2018, SELECT presented the world’s first intelligent handball. This iBall has already been used in several international finals.

In 2021, SELECT was able to present the first football welded together using ultrasonic sound waves. Called Brilliant Super UZ, it is the official 3F Danish Premier League football. It is also this ball that all Danish national football teams play with.

SELECT Brillant Super UZ fodbold 2021
SELECT Brillant Super iBall - fodbold 2022

The latest addition is the brand new SELECT Brilliant Super iBall, which is a new and improved version of SELECT iBall. Created in collaboration with German KINEXON, this ball is the first football that has a tracking sensor approved by FIFA to be played in football matches at the highest level. The data provided by the new SELECT iBall can be used for both match and training analyses, but also to engage fans more – this ball is a gamechanger when it comes to offering useful live data to coaches, clubs, fans, referees and the media.

Learn more about the new SELECT iBall here ​​​​​​​