SELECT ULTIMATE is considered one of the best handballs in the world, which is why the EHF has made it the official match ball for the Champions League, the world’s biggest club tournament for both men and women, and for EHF’s other club tournaments and EM finals. ULTIMATE is a permanent fixture in the French men’s league, LNH, and is the preferred handball of many of the world’s best club teams, including PSG Handball. We are behind the world’s first intelligent handball, the ULTIMATE iBALL, with an inbuilt chip that tracks and distributes data in real time. We offer handballs for elite and club level, as well as a wide range of handballs for youth teams, and our Soft series for really young players.

Professional handballs

The professional handballs are used for matches played at top professional level.

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Club handballs

The club handballs are suitable for club-level matches and training.

youth handballs

Youth handballs specially developed for young handball players.

Soft handballs

Soft handballs for children and youngsters
- Easy to catch and throw

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Special handballs

Special handballs
​​​​​​​ - Circuit and Goalcha Street

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32 panels – THE handBALL MOLECULE



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DUEL BONDED handball

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EHF - European Handball Federation

SELECT is the official EHF ball partner, and we supply match balls for all of EHF’s tournaments, from Champions League to EHF EURO.The European Handball Federation (EHF) is an umbrella organisation for more than 50 European leagues. Since its foundation in 1991, EHF has acted as an ambassador for European handball and represented the sport and league members on the international sports stage.