Official Bundesliga match ball

Bundesliga Brillant APS 2022/2023 – the ball that is a tribute to football fans

The new colourful design shall represent the diversity of the different clubs in the Bundesliga as well as the diversity of the Bundesliga crowds. The silhouettes of football fans on the ball is a tribute to fans who fill the stadiums in the Bundesliga week after week.

“During the pandemic, football fans couldn't go to the stadium and support their clubs. That’s why we’ve created this special design for the new Bundesliga match ball, as a tribute to football fans and to show their important importance to the Bundesliga. Each stadium has its own special dynamism, created by fans, their colours and their passion. This ball is a tribute to the fans and we hope that we will never be without them in the stadium again,” says Joachim Böhmer, COO at DERBYSTAR.

The new DERBYSTAR Bundesliga match ball for the 2022/2023 season consists of SELECT’s well-known 32-panel design, giving the ball optimal roundness. The ball also has a matt surface and is made from the highest quality PU material with diamond structure. This guarantees that players in the German Bundesliga can compete with a match ball of the highest quality.

Bundesliga match ball from DERBYSTAR by SELECT.

BUNDESLIGA BRILLANT APS 2022/23 from the side

DERBYSTAR has been part of SELECT Sport since 1991.

Together, we have built up a strong position at the top of the European football leagues, for example in countries such as Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, and in Scandinavia – and of course, Germany, with its Bundesliga – one of the world’s best football leagues. DERBYSTAR has collaborated with Bundesliga since 2018, and as an official match ball supplier, the German football giant presents a new design with a focus on eye-catching colours and materials of the highest quality.