goalkeeper Gloves

The usual high quality and the excellent fit are the main features of the goalkeeper gloves range. The gloves meet the requirements of defending from professionals, such as Stephan Andersen, goalkeeper of Denmark and Danish top club FC Copenhagen, and a number of other male and female goalies around Europe, not to mention the emerging talents in the clubs.



Our very best match gloves in high quality with perfect grip made for professionals. ​


training & match

A large selection of flexible and soft gloves for matches and training.

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A specially designed glove for youth goalkeepers.



With the aid of an Anatomical Fit System the gloves have been designedwith a slight bend according to the natural gripping position of the hand.Thus ensuring comfort, flexibility and movement of the glove in time withthe speed of the fingers.

The top model 88 PRO GRIP has an elastic insert between the indexfinger and thumb for optimal freedom of movement. The back of thehand consists of 3 mm deep, embossed soft latex making the glovesoft and flexible. A wide wrist strap allows a feeling of stability andsafety in the wrist.

The most important thing of all is of course, the palm. New 3mmNOVA Grip Latex guarantees a perfect grip in all weather conditions.Negative Cut is a new glove cut - also made of latex toprovide constant latex contact between the hand and the ball.

Negative Cut is a new glove cut - also made of latex to provideconstant latex contact between hand and ball. The new, soft innermaterial provides optimum comfort, increases the glove's flexibilityand ensures minimal water absorption when playing in wetweather.Our gloves are immensely popular on both club and internationallevels and it is for a reason that many top European goalkeeperschoose to play with SELECT.

types of cuts


A popular glove cut choice that reminds of Flat Cut. This style of cut also has gussets between the palm and the backhand. The gussets of the 88 glove are also made of latex like gloves with Roll Finger Cut giving constant latex contact between the glove and the ball. Negative Cut fits snugger and the fingers are held in place giving optimal ball contact when catching. This is the most common cut among professionals.


Traditional glove cut with a flat palm construction providing a larger area of contact and making the glove more flexible. This style of glove typically fits looser than many other styles with more room for the fingers. Flat Cut is the most popular cut used for finger protection gloves.

Roll Finger Cut

The palm is attached directly to the backhand, which results in the latex rolled or wrapped around the fingers. This cut fits snugger than Flat Cut and has the best ball contact as the cut ensures that latex is always in contact with the ball when catching or throwing. As a result many consider this to provide better "feel" when catching.


Traditional cut with a special heat-treated surface, which makes it even more durable and suitable for artificial turf.

Glove technology

Anatomical Fit System Ensures that the glove is anatomically designed to suit a normal hand.

Protec System: With detachable finger support for shot-blocking stability.

Flex Control: Elastic insert for greater mobility and a flexible thumb.

Opti W-Support: A wrist bandage and a wrist frame of foam enable quick, easy and secure fit and also provide support to the wrist.

Latex technology

Nova Grip
New latex covered hand surface. Our best yet. Provides superb grip in dry weather and a significantly improved grip in wet weather compared with other types of latex. Ideal for professional gloves.

Soft Contact
The special composition of glue mixed with latex ensures a strong and reliable grip in all weather conditions. Used for professional match gloves.

Super Soft
Very soft and durable latex. Well-suited to all types of weather. Provides a good grip and optimum contact with the ball. Used for professional match gloves.

New Basic
Latex palm characterised by ergonomic lines. Suitable for all weather conditions. Durable latex with a fantastic grip that makes it suitable for both training and match.

Dura Grip
Soft and strong latex for all weather conditions. The latex has a long life, which makes it suitable for both training and match.

Ultra Pro
Soft and hard-wearing latex which has been specially developed for our best youth gloves. Suitable for all weather conditions. Combines durability with a fantastic grip.

Flexion Grip
Durable latex developed for youth gloves. Suitable for all weather conditions.