Equipment & accessories

A huge variety of gear for training sessions and match day.



  • Takes up very little space and can easily stored for travel.

  • Multi-function digital timing device with battery and included lanyard.

Tactics board

Tactics Board

  • Practical size folder for various sports.

  • Contains paper, pen and pieces.

Ball Pump

double action Pump

  • Ideal mini pump with 15 cm valve tube made of nylon.

  • Pumps on both ingoing and outgoing movement.

Marker Set

Marker set

  • Includes 12 yellow and 12 red markers and holder with fastener.
  • Weight per marker: 42 g.

Agility Ladder - Outdoor

agility ladder - outdoors

  • Ideal for coordination training.

  • Interconnectable for extension - Up to 6 meters long.

  • Bag included.

Training Hurdle Senior

Training hurdle

  • Training hurdle for running and leaping exercises.

  • A course can consist of 6 or 8 training hurdles in a row.

  • Size: 30 cm

Rubber Base for Passing Port and Slalom Pole

Rubber base for
slalom pole

  • Can be used indoors or on artificial grass pitches.

  • Weighted for better stability.

  • Ensures that the pole bends if one accidentally runs in to it.

Bag for Training Hurdles

Bag for training

  • Practical bag for training hurdles.

  • Can contain 10 senior hurdles.

Bag for Poles

Bag for poles

  • Practical bag for slalom poles and corner posts.

  • Can contain 13-15 pcs. depending on thickness.

Slalom Pole

Slalom pole

  • Professional slalom pole in unbreakable plastic.

  • Length: 160 cm. Ø 33 mm.

Captains' Bands

Captains' bands

  • Available in six colours.

  • In the adult size the band has a velcro closing and extra elastics to keep in on the arm.

  • The child size has the traditional elastic closing.

  • Size: Mini (blue, yellow, orange, pink), Junior/Senior (white, black, blue, yellow, orange, pink)


Overvests - pinnies

  • Made of 100% polyester.

  • Comes in packs of 12 pcs.

  • Printable mesh

  • Size: Youth, Junior, Senior

Reversible Bib

Reversible Bib

  • 100% heavy duty poly mesh

  • Comes in packs of 12 pcs.

  • Size: Youth, Junior, Senior

Metal Ring for Bibs

Metal ring for bibs

For collecting and storing bibs.

Ball Pressure Gauge

Ball Pressure Gauge

  • Quality European manufacturing gives longer, more accurate ball pressure readings

  • Valve allows air release without removing needle to ensure accurate readings in BAR

Valve Oil

Valve oil

  • Protect your investment by properly taking care of your Select soccer balls. A drop into the valve two or three times a month will keep it soft, clean and functioning properly.

Bottle Holder

bottle holder

  • Sturdy plastic construction.

  • Holds 8 Select 28 oz bottles.

  • Holders are stackable for easy transportation.

Water Bottle - 28 oz

Water Bottle - 28 oz

  • Sturdy translucent plastic construction.

  • Holds 28 oz of water.

  • Customize with team or player name.

  • Ergonomic design with screw-on no drop top.