cooling products

Various cooling products for injuries and instant pain relief.

Hot-cold pack II

Hot-cold pack II

  • Can be used for both cooling and warming.

  • The gel provides an optimal and long-lasting effect.

  • Ideal for RICE treatment.

  • Can be used again and again.

Ice Spray

Ice Spray

  • Gives superficial and cooling relief.

  • Can not replace ice pack.

  • Use with care, as it can cause frost bite on the skin.

Ice pack III

Ice pack III

  • Disposable bag.

  • Fantastic cooling effect.

  • Ideal for injuries at sports grounds, work and in the home.


  • All-purpose support for Hot-Cold Pack and Ice Pack.
  • The amazing insulating abilities of the neoprene give a more effective cooling.
  • Size: One size